Wacky World of Workflow.app

Workflow, one of my favourite iOS apps recently got an update to allow access to any Web API you’d like. It’s helped take my mobile blog posts to the next level.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about using Workflow to post from my iPhone on the go.

The cover photos I use for my blog posts are typically very large image files, sourced directly from Unsplash. With the recent update to Workflow, I can now send the images to the ImageOptim web service, while preparing the post. This is great for me, as I can now do this the first time around, instead of having to manually fix it later from my Mac.

The whole process of writing and posting in a streamlined fashion works so well, I actually prefer creating blog posts on my iPhone instead of on my computer. Of course I could automate all these things on the Mac, but it took only minutes to prepare on the iPhone. Coupling that with the ability to write from anywhere, and it’s a real winner.

Now to update some of the tech behind the blog, especially for sharing previews…